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June 10, 20210


It cannot be understated how large a project a medical construction project is, whether new or remodel. MedTech Construction is well versed in the details and the effects of building your new medical office or the economic impact of closing a Medical practice, to complete a renovation. We help you work through the options and determine what makes sense. Remembering the potential loss of profit from the potential inability to help patients.

Our dedicated San Antonio medical office construction team will work within your busy schedule focusing on minimal disruption to your patients and Medical practice. As the leading Medical construction company in San Antonio, MedTech Construction is focused on providing the highest quality Medical construction with extraordinary customer service.

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Yes, Medical Construction, in San Antonio, is complex but not impossible. Considerations include everything from the structure to the design and the specific regulations. Medical construction is packed with challenges and crucial requirements. Here are some of the examples of how medical building construction differs from other construction projects.

Treatment Rooms – Requires agility, sensitivity, and resilience. Requires providing the quality of infrastructure to properly serve the workers and patients of the facility.

Regulatory Building Standards – Regulatory and technical requirements mandated by the state and local entities.

Patient Safety – Emphasis needs to be placed on the safety of patients and staff. The well-being of patients must be at the forefront of the design of any medical office building process.

Patient and Staff Flow – A medical office needs to function in a way that allows ease of movement between the different spaces. An obstructed entrance as a result of an overflowing waiting room is exactly what you want to avoid. Your staff needs the ability to move seamlessly and quickly throughout the office.

Ultimately, you want a medical office that works for you and keeps your patients in mind. MedTech Construction can ensure your new San Antonio medical office is functional, safe, and done right. Make sure your new medical office is constructed right the first time


The foundational purpose of medical construction is to provide a comfortable space for patients and staff to function in, while remaining within budget. People (patient) centered design is not the norm in medical office infrastructure, including industry best practices.

MedTech Construction has the experience in medical office construction that every San Antonio doctor requires and knows the importance of designing them correctly. Medical construction is unique in the way that it requires very particular considerations to operate effectively.

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