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I was faced with moving a 30 year old practice in under 120 days. I had very little warning and panic set in fast. I was very confused about where to start this process and desperately reaching out. I had seen an advertisement in a dental journal of a Med-Tech office and was very impressed. I called and arranged a meeting not necessarily to “begin construction” but to get questions answered. I met with Brian Nash and was immediately impressed with his experience in “process” of moving an office. He helped me to get the horse in front of the cart and move things forward. Brian and I worked together to fabricate a working budget and he formed a construction team. The construction team was lead by Shawn Osborne and these guys made themselves 100% available to answer questions and troubleshoot problems. I had plenty of obstacles, starting with my last minute decision to change floor plans (in a completely different location), to the time frame of 90 days. They took an empty space starting with studs and turned it into a beautifully finished modern dental office in less that 90 days! The design team was another helpful addition to this process. I had a very vivid idea of what I wanted the practice to look like, but I did not have a clue how to articulate it. I took a few pictures and a filled out a questionnaire and in one afternoon we finalized cabinets, doors, trim, flooring, and wall colors. They had so many options, but were able to narrow down and focus my attention so no time was wasted.  I take every opportunity I get to praise their professionalism, experience, and quality of work. Med-Tech helped make my dreams a reality and in a time frame that is nearly impossible. I’m humbled and very grateful for Med-Tech. Thank you guys…Outstanding job!

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Patrick P. Chen

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Dr. Janet Ogletree

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Privately owned and operated, Med-Tech is the established industry leader specializing in the design, construction and renovation of Dental, Optical, Veterinary and Medical facilities.

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