Surprisingly there are only two towns named Huntsville in the United States. Huntsville, Alabama is the bigger of the two. Huntsville, Texas is the more rural and agricultural city, yet is home to a Texas maximum security prison. Huntsville is south-southeast of Dallas. Take Interstate 35 south out of Dallas. The agricultural nature of Huntsville, Texas requires it to need veterinary construction. Huntsville veterinary construction is on the rise but space is limited. Med-Tech construction provides the expertise to design and build these facilities all within a timely manner. Med-Tech’s Veterinary Construction conforms to LEED regulations.

Huntsville, Alabama, due to its size, mandates a need for a high number of exceptional dental locations. Med-Tech is the specialists in Dental office construction in Huntsville. With the rising population in Huntsville, the need increases for updated dental locations. If your dental office is located or soon will be in Huntsville, Med-Tech is the dental office contractor your dental office wants, whether it is a new facility or renovating a current. Med-Tech’s design team works with you and your equipment representative from floor plan to final construction. Our approach reduces cost and produces a functional, buildable design that can be constructed in the shortest time possible.