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Are you considering constructing or remodeling a dental office in the Galveston area?  Armed with a comprehensive list of support services, MedTech Construction assists dentists in building beautiful practices in ideal locations, while maintaining affordability and excellent customer service.   Our Galveston professional team takes measures to make sure every step of the process is stress free as possible and answer any questions.  We review every step with you allowing you to be in control of the process and ensuring your vision is achieved.

Simply, Dentists benefit from smart practice design, lean cost structure, and comprehensive management.

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Dental Office Design Process – Galveston

MedTech Construction understands how challenging the design process can be for many Galveston dental business owners opening a new location or remodeling their current space.  The process has many elements of consideration that are invaluable when choosing and designing the perfect space.

When choosing the spot for your dental office in Galveston, the overall square footage and dimensions of the interior space are critical.  However, there are external factors that can dramatically affect the overall success of the new enterprise, as well.

Interior Space Requirements

At MedTech Construction, we like to recommend that our clients take the time to itemize the precise components and architectural features of their ideal dental office.   Basically, this “dream list” will save you a great deal of time when searching for a location that strategically matches your business model.  Some of the basic question that you can answer to get started are:

  • How many dentists will be working in the facility?
  • Will the office be adding more dentists in the next five years?
  • How many hygienists, assistants, and office personnel will there be?
  • How many patients per day will be visiting the establishment?
  • What are the filing and storage requirements?
  • What types of office and dental equipment will there be?
  • What are the ADA requirements for the space?

Dental Office Buildouts – Site Location and Infrastructure

The neighborhood for your Galveston dental office construction or buildout is a very personal decision.  For most, the location of their personal residence plays huge part, especially the length of commute.  The biggest and most important part of the decision is from a business perspective.  The new location needs to offer a local culture and infrastructure that can support your new Galveston dental practice.  Some things to consider:

  • Is the new location in a neighborhood where your patients will be safe?
  • Is the new location easily accessible by public transit?
  • Are there competing dentists in the area?
  • Are there other successful businesses in the proximity that might benefit your patients?
  • Do the neighborhood demographics support your business model?
  • Is there ample parking? Do not forget about the handicapped parking spaces, too.

Estimated Construction and Remodeling Time

Efficient and cost-effective Galveston dental construction involves careful planning for design, financing, and completion of the final buildout.  If you are planning to relocate into a new office location, this is a consideration that should not be taken lightly when creating the construction and design budget.

MedTech Construction has a team of professional designers and construction managers who are experts the Galveston area and in every step of the process and can help you through this confusing process.

Dental Office Construction in Galveston

Ultimately, our goal, at MedTech Construction, is simple: to work with you to design and build an office that makes going to work every day enjoyable and all that you imagined!

Remember, Excellent Dental Offices Inspire Excellent Dental Service!  Also, having the best dental office construction company in Galveston build or renovate your dental office is the first step.

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