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December 6, 2019

Med-Tech ConstructionVeterinary Construction Houston

Constructing a new veterinary office / center or even doing a remodel is a major challenge.  At MedTech Construction, we understand that the idea of closing a veterinary practice for any length of time is probably not feasible.  The potential of income loss is too risky.   This is why we are committed to working within your busy schedule and offering minimal disruption to your patients and veterinary practice.  Veterinary Construction Houston.  As the foremost veterinary construction company in Houston, MedTech Construction is extremely focused on providing the highest quality veterinary construction with exceptional customer service.  (713) 459-9736

As a result of the complexity of veterinary construction, in Houston and the surrounding area, MedTech Construction has been motivated to provide the extraordinary service of one point of contact for all your Houston veterinary project needs.  From design to completion, throughout your project MedTech Construction provides timely, accommodating and affordable construction services coupled with our custom-made construction experience.  The construction experience consists of a multi-stage process as follows:

  • Project Planning
  • Verifying Location
  • Design
  • Construction Document Obtainment

Once the above phases are complete including architectural and interior design, we begin the construction phase.  To MedTech, the speed of construction is important and remaining within budget is vital.  Therefore, we designed our multi-stage process. The tried and true construction portion of the MedTech method has been designed to ensure the construction of your project is completed efficiently, and with as little undue stress as possible. Project budgets and deadlines are real; sometimes an expiring lease can put your back against the wall; a day or two of lost production has a physical impact on your bottom line. Remodeling or expanding can’t mean closing your doors for weeks on end, and a month shaved off your construction schedule means a month sooner you get to enjoy the benefits of your new office.

Houston Veterinary Construction

The exponential growth of Houston is simply amazing, however, the need for veterinarians is growing at an implausible rate. MedTech Construction is motivated to help resolve the problem of veterinary office space by providing exceptional veterinary office construction at an affordable rate.  If you need a new veterinary office or your current remodeled, contact MedTech Construction today and we can get you on your way to the office your Houston patients deserve.  Call Today (713) 459-9736

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