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Dr. Brian Trinh

New San Antonio Veterinary Office Construction or updating your current location is not an easy task. There are a plethora of things you must think of before undertaking veterinary office construction. Looking at each one by one will help shed light on areas and point out strengths and weaknesses. First, you have limits. Granted you’re a doctor of dentistry but do you know what it takes to meet all regulations and other details a licensed general contractor would know? Trying to do take on the job of a veterinary office contractor in addition to your daily veterinary responsible is a recipe for disaster. Second, make sure you remain in the process. This is your veterinary office and you will be spending a lot of time there after it’s built. We want you to build the veterinary office that will fit you and your clients needs while making you comfortable with the outcome. Med-Tech is your partner in the process so we want you involved the whole time in every aspect. Finally, because the veterinary office construction will be unique to you we want you to think outside the box. Think of things that you might need or could improve your client’s experience. We want you to go look at other veterinary, dental, or even medical offices and get ideas. Do your research on equipment. We know what is out there and will make suggestions but if there is something that your veterinary office needs let us know.

Everything mentioned above is true for a medical office building too. Building a medical office needs to be unique and comfortable for the doctor. Choosing the right San Antonio veterinary office builder is just as important. Med-Tech is LEED certified and can help you be compliant and meet all regulations. The right builder for your new medical or veterinary office can make your new construction a dream come true.

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