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Florida is the land of fun in the sun. In the Florida sun, your smile must impeccable. Cammarata dentistry, in Florida, proves and can help achieve a bright smile with their uniquely designed office by Med-Tech Construction. Whether a Florida Dentist or Veterinarian, Med-Tech can help you achieve a unique office designed to wow you clientele. When building a new facility in Florida, your medical office must have all the modern features, attributes, and location. Jacksonville, Florida provides a location that combines the best features of Florida.  Med-Tech is a Dental and Veterinary Contractor that can partner with your real estate agent to find the right space for practice.  Med-Tech has the contracting expertise to complete any veterinarian or dentist office construction need. Med-Tech incorporates a portfolio of services that lower costs, maximize quality and significantly reduce build time. Florida requires knowledge of building code compliance and high-tech facility design. Med-Tech’s Florida construction and design team can join forces with you and your equipment representative from floor plan to final construction documents. Med-Tech’s approach reduces cost and produces a functional, buildable design, while taking time constraints into consideration. 1,500 projects and counting, Med-Tech has the expertise your looking for. LEED certifications and local green building requirements guided by the United States Green Building Council is very important in Florida and Jacksonville. Med-Tech is experienced with LEED and local green building requirements and can help achieve LEED certification. Taking these benefits and pairing with Med-Tech’s Fast Track Build Out (most projects completed in less than 90 days), your new construction will be amazing and affordable.

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