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There comes a point, in the life of every dentist, where a physical change in his / her dental office is a necessary, even in Atlanta, Georgia or Chattanooga. Sometimes this realization is earlier for some dentists than others. It is a decision that must be made at some point to better serve the patients. The rarity of dental office redesign or new build, hiring a dental contractor is the best and most obvious decision from the onset. Med-Tech construction is the dental contractor, in Atlanta, Georgia or Chattanooga, you trust. Med-Tech will work with you every step of the way. Dental contractors know the business and can make experienced recommendations. Our designers are expected to spend a time on productivity enhancements and aesthetic treatments that will set your practice apart in Atlanta, Georgia or Chattanooga.

All dental offices today must comply with national standards. These standards that must be followed are the Building Officials and Code Administrators (BOCA) and the International Mechanical Code (IMC). Atlanta, Georgia or Chattanooga is no different. The American with Disabilities Act is the hardest of the standards you must hurtle. Med-Tech is well versed in these requirements. The issue with the ADA is you as the dentist can be held responsible and you must make sure the dental contractor you hire understand the standards inside and out. Med-Tech does.

Building a new dental office or remodeling the one you have is hard enough. Why would you want to do the whole thing yourself and risk the very health and financial stability? Let Med-Tech contractors help you while you help your patients.

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